Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern
Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern

Letter to the community

Greetings Neighbor,

My name is Brooke Roper, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Hopkins School Board. As a resident of Hopkins with my husband and two children, I am eager to serve and contribute to the growth of this vibrant community.

I'm seeking a seat on the board with a clear mission: to secure a quality education for each child while prioritizing their overall well-being and safety. I'm committed to ensuring our children are safe at school while creating an environment where each scholar's unique potential is recognized and supported. Addtionally, I am dedicated to working with district leadership to implement bold strategies that will close the achievement gap and create life-changing opportunities for all students, staff, and stakeholders. By diversifying administration, reinforcing best practices, addressing inequities, and allocating resources wisely, Hopkins can lead transformative education reform at both state and national levels.

I'm looking forward to the path ahead for Hopkins and witnessing the realization of Vision 2031. With collective efforts, we can shape a brighter future for our district—one that embraces diversity, prioritizes educational equity, and makes meaningful progress. Your support is incredibly important as we embark on this journey to create a better tomorrow for our students.

I hope to see you at the polls on Tuesday, November 7th! Remember, your vote is your voice!

In partnership,



1. Electric School Buses: This year, I collaborated with a remarkable team of leaders to secure $13 million for electric school buses. These environmentally friendly buses are vital for keeping children healthy, enhancing academic performance by cutting harmful emissions, and mitigating the effects of climate change. I am committed to staying updated on emerging environmental trends and movements to safeguard the well-being of everyone and our planet.

2. Free Pre-K & Afterschool Options: Being a working parent, I understand the challenge of finding suitable programs that meets the needs of my family. I will advocate for funding to invest in free and accessible pre-k and after-school options. These necessities offers a dual benefit: boosting student enrollment and engagement in our district while also reducing financial burdens on families by cutting childcare costs and strengthening our communities and economies as well.

3. Academic Excellence: Using my understanding of the achievement gap, I'll work with Hopkins administration to advocate for increased salaries for educators, and evaluate the effectiveness of standardized testing, and the outdated metrics used to measure student progress. Furthermore, I will continue to advocate for personalized learning and project-based assessments, as well as push for the continuation of valuable programs, like art; and funding for secondary education prep, such as college tours and international studies.

4. Advancing Racial & Social Equity: I know first-hand how transformative racial equity initiatives can be. I‘ll work to ensure all students have access to anti-racist, supportive, and affirming educational environments. This entails overturning policies and practices that contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline. By using targeted outreach strategies to engage families and strengthen community partnerships, I'll continue to support the integration of anti-bias programs, resources and culturally responsive curricula that represents the diverse culture within our district.

5. Prioritizing Student Safety & Wellbeing: As a protective parent, I will work with my colleagues to leverage data-driven research to enhance innovative approaches and crisis management plans to ensure Hopkins remains safe, secure, and violence-free. In addition, I will advocate for partnerships with seasoned community leaders and organizations to aid in conflict resolution and intervention support. Also, I'll amplify anti-bullying initiatives, mental health resources, and social-emotional learning programs that prioritizes our children's holistic health.

Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern


As your prospective school board member, I'm fully committed to active listening, taking action, and personal accountability. I wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility that comes with this role, and I'll work to ensure that every voice is heard, champion initiatives that drive positive outcomes, and uphold the highest standards of transparency. Beyond that, my commitment extends to serving each member of our school community with the utmost respect and integrity.


Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern




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Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern


Seamless School Office Supplies Pattern

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